Tuesday, October 26, 2010

RBTray : A Tool To Move and Minimize Running Program Window To System Tray Taskbar

If you're a multi-tasker, you probably hate taskbar clutter. The Windows 7 redesign of the taskbar is an improvement, but not a perfect solution (and if you're using an earlier OS, it's no help to you at all). RBTray offers a nifty remedy for almost all Windows users, giving you the option to minimize programs to the system tray instead of the taskbar (where minimized programs usually go), simply by right-clicking the minimize button. It's great for programs like e-mail clients and media players which you always want running, but don't want in your way.

RBTray is a nice little utility that enables you to minimize any window or program to the system tray (instead of the task bar) by simply right-clicking on the standard Windows minimize button. It is a Standalone software, no installation required. This is a good option in case you do not want a window or running program to take up your taskbar space, but still keep running in the background.

To use RBTray, just double click it, and it will keep running in the background. After that, if you right click on Minimize icon of any open window, that window will be minimized to system tray in form of a small icon. In order to minimize a window in system tray, first make sure that the program is running and showing up in system tray, then right click the minimize button of any window which you want to move to system tray. Just when you right click the minimize button the program window will show up with the application icon in system tray. In order to maximize the window again, just double click the application icon shown up in system tray.

RBTray itself is quite small in size. Download size is less than 1 MB, and it does not installs anything. It is completely free, and open source.

Download RBTray from HERE

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