Friday, October 8, 2010

SyncSharp : A Tool That Synchronize Two Computers Through A USB Device

So if you are willing to synchronize your important data between your computers, I am providing you the solution. Most of the synchronization programs out there synchronize data online through internet or a local network connection. But if you want to synchronize data between two computers via your USB drive or your pocket hard drive then SyncSharp is the perfect choice for you.
SyncSharp is a free synchronization tool written in .NET C# that synchronizes files between multiple computers through a USB device. Moreover, it does not require installation and it is easy to use.
The interface of the application is user friendly and simple allowing users to create multiple synchronization tasks and to run them separately whenever desired.
An analysis of the synchronization tasks that is selected may be performed, the application displaying the files and folders that would be copied in the synchronization process for the users to preview the results of the job.
  • Create, edit and delete synchronization profiles
  • Import/export synchronization profiles
  • Configure settings for files conflicts
  • Synchronize source and target folders contents
  • Preview a synchronization task
  • Configure inclusion/exclusion filters
  • Backup files in source to target folder
  • Restore a previously backup task
  • Generate log file after each synchronization operation

Clean: SyncSharp does not save any extra files in your sync folders. All meta-data files and profiles are kept in one centralized location. No installation required. No dependencies (No need to install additional components). No admin rights are required to run our application. Takes up minimal disk space. It requires less space than a typical digital photo (i.e., less than 0.5Mb).

Automated: SyncSharp will help you to synchronize all folder pairs automatically when the USB device is plugged in. No extra steps are required!

Fast: Our synchronization algorithm will be able to detect files deletion, renames, creation and modification accurately. SyncSharp performs sync actions efficiently by reducing unnecessary copy or delete actions.

Free: No restrictions (you can use it on any number of computers to synchronize any number of files). Free for both commercial and non-commercial use. Open source.
System Requirements
Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7
128MB RAM or more
.NET Framework 3.0 or higher installed
Auto-play feature enabled (Disabled in Windows 7 by default)
Download SyncSharp from HERE
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Unknown said...

Thanks for your post and it is a good idea to synchronize two computers with a USB device. Our company need to synchronize the data among employees. Though we are using
WinPST to synchronize the outlook data, I will recommend this usb device to our Manager.
Thanks again for your information.

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