Saturday, November 13, 2010

AltDrag : A Tool To Resize Any Window Without Using Mouse

AltDrag allows you to move and resize windows much easier. When you have it running you can simply hold down the Alt key and then use your mouse to drag any window, and it doesn't matter where in the window you click. This is especially useful in netbooks, with respect to the small screen and touchpad. It simply allows you to do more with less mouse movements.

AltDrag is unobtrusive, consumes very little resources and never bothers you. It does not even have a GUI, only a tray icon. An additional feature is the ability to snap windows to each other. Just press the shift key while moving a window and it will automatically attach itself to other windows that are near.

In addition to simply dragging windows, you can double-click a window to maximize it. You can double-click with the right mouse button to roll-up windows.

You can use either the middle or right mouse button to resize windows. Think of the window as if it is divided into nine squares, and depending on where you press, you will resize the nearest corner.

There are more features that you can configure in the configuration file called AltDrag.ini. The simplest way to open it is through the tray menu.

The Cursor option gives you a way to disable the cursor change when you drag windows. This option exists purely for performance reasons. You should have it enabled unless dragging windows lags for you.

As explained earlier, you can use the shift key to make the window you are dragging attach itself to other windows. A nifty extension to this is the option AutoStick, which will make AltDrag do this by default.

There are three different levels to this option:
1: Automatically stick windows to the screen borders and the taskbar.
2: Also automatically stick windows to the outside of all other windows.
3: Also automatically stick windows to the inside of all other windows.

You can enable an option called HookWindows which enables you to use the shift key when you are normally moving windows.

If you enable both HookWindows and AutoStick then your windows will automatically stick to each other when you drag them normally. This works really well and will likely surprise your friends. :-)

Note: There is a bug in 0.8 with HookWindows. To make it work, you must press shift before you start moving the window. This will be fixed in the next version. Sorry the bug slipped through!

In Mouse section you can configure what the mouse buttons do. You can re-arrange them however you'd like, and even use mouse 4 and mouse 5 which doesn't do anything by default.

The mouse actions that exists now are Move, Resize, Minimize, Center and Nothing. Two mouse actions that are planned for version 0.9 are AlwaysOnTop and Close.

Download AltDrag from HERE

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