Saturday, December 18, 2010

HDHacker : A Tool That Saves And Restores Boot Sector of Hard Disk

HDHacker is a tool, which can help you save sectors directly from your hard disk. It's also able to visualize and restore any of these sectors. This is useful if you want to keep a boot loader when you install a new operating system on your computer.

It is a stand-alone micro-util that saves, visualizes, restores the MBR (from a physical drive), the BootSector (from a logical drive) or any sector from a disk too. It can be used, for example, to save and restore a particular boot manager (as LILO, for example) in case of a Windows new setup (that, obviously, overwrites it) or for simple precautionary purposes too.

The program's user interface is very simple. HDHacker displays a panel containing the text representation of the bytes written on your hard disk and a couple of buttons. You have two options of reading from your hard disk. You can choose to read sectors on any logical drive defined on your computer, or to read the MBR (Master Boot Record). You should be careful when restoring from file because the program doesn't save the location on your hard disk where the data was. For example, if you save your MBR to a file, you can load it later and save it to a partition's boot sector. This makes it impossible to boot your system. However, if you use it with care, this program is a very good tool.

Download HDHacker from HERE

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