Friday, December 17, 2010

Swept Away : A Tool To Minimize Inactive Windows Automatically

Swept Away is a simple system tray utility that will automatically minimize the applications that you aren't using for certain period of time specified. Swept Away was inspired by the Mac-only SpiritedAway.

If you don't like all of the distraction and clutter a desktop full of open windows and you don't minimize every window but the ones you're using, then don't. Now, rather than having to think about it, Swept Away will keeps your desktop clean for you.

There's really nothing to it - just run Swept Away, set the Time before minimizing (it defaults to 300 seconds (i.e., 5 minutes). You can choose to have Swept Away run at startup through the preferences menu, but by default it will not start up with Windows.

There are some windows that you just don't want to minimize no matter how long they're inactive. To compensate, Swept Away has an exclusion list that lets you pick the applications you never want Swept Away to minimize.

To exclude a running application, just right-click the Swept Away icon and pick the application you want to exclude on the Exclude list. Unless you deselect it, Swept Away will never minimize windows from that application.

Swept Away is a free tool that requires no installation what so ever and can be run even in the portable drives.

Download Swept Away from HERE

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