Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How to Hide Partitions Without Using Any Software

We all use Computer and have some important data also in the form of some pictures, Videos, Audios, documents etc. We want to hide and protect our personal data. There are several freeware software which provide us facility to hide folders and drive as well. We save the data into some folders and hide them to protect that data. But What if you have no software to do this Or don't wanna use that kind of software to hide and protect your data ? Here is the solution, I am sharing here an easiest way of How we can hide a complete Drive without using any software. Just follow this tip step by step.

1- Goto Start > Run and then type DISKPART or Simple Press Win key+R and type DISKPART you will see a new window.

2-Now Type list volume and hit enter. Now you will see a list of all drives of your computer.

3- Now Just select the Drive which you wanna hide. Suppose You want to hide D drive then see the volume number of Drive D which will be shown beside the Ltr D.

4- (in my computer) The Volume Number of Drive D is 3 (this number can be different in your computer). Now to hide the D drive, Type Select Volume 3 (Select the appropriate number according to your computer) and hit enter.

5- Now Type remove letter d and hit enter. This step will hide your D Drive.

6- Now, No one will be able to access D drive But you want to see the drive back or want to un-hide that drive then type Select Volume 3 (Select the number of drive which you used during hiding the drive or just type List volume to check the volume number of hidden drive.) And then Type assign letter d . This will appear your hidden drive again.

This Method normally Hide all drives but Not where the C or where the Window is installed.

Having any problems ? Discuss in comments.

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