Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How to Send an Email to Undisclosed Recipients

Many of us and some new webmasters collect a list of email addresses. We Copy-paste all of those email addresses in To: or Cc: field and send that email.

This is an unprofessional method to send an email to number of email addresses because all of those emails addresses are shown to all of that email receivers. So, Anyone can copy that list of email addresses and can send his/her email to all those email addresses. Just Share the Email's Contents Not Email Addresses. You Don't have to send an email to all of your friends individually.

Here is a method using which you can send an email to number of email addresses but no one will be able to see that list of emails, in fact each of them will see Undisclosed recipients in To: field.

How to Do it:

Login to Your Email Account

Click Compose Mail

Type "Undisclosed recipients " in the To: field.

Suppose, If your email address is tenezo@gmail.com, then write in To: field: "Undisclosed recipients "

Click Add Bcc or Show Bcc.

Now Here in Add Bcc field. Type All Email Addresses to whom you want to send email. Don't forget to place a Coma after each email address.

Done, You have shared the email, not email addresses.

I tried this method worked for me using Gmail. Did this method worked for you ? if you're facing any problems discuss in Comments.

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