Monday, December 14, 2009

How To Integrate Internet Download Manager (IDM) Into Google Chrome?

I was just going through some of the feedbacks and requests i got from my blog visitors asking for suggestions and some problems solutions they were facing. This one is for Indra Parajuli ji for his request.

Internet Download Manager [IDM] is one of the best download accelerators (मलाई सबैभन्दा मन पर्ने र मैले यूज गरी रहेको डाउनलोडर ) as it can accelerate the download speed 5 times the original speed. If you are a Google Chrome fan then unfortunately there is no specific option for IDM to integrate it with this browser. But IDM provides you with another option called "Advanced Browser Integration", with the help of this option you can even use IDM through your Google Chrome.

Here is a step by step procedure how you can use or integrate Internet Download Manager in Google Chrome.

Note: I am assuming u guys have already Installed IDM and Google Chrome.

1. Now open Internet Download Manager
2. Choose Downloads from menu bar and then select Options

3. Now check "Use Advanced Browser Integration".

4. After checking the check-box, you will be prompted for system reboot.

5. Save your important work before system may reboot. Click “Yes

6. After reboot, don't start Google Chrome, again go to the IDM options and this time check "Detect new applications that try to download files from internet".

7. You will be asked to restart Internet Download Manager.

8. After re-initializing the IDM, you will be able to see Google Chrome in the browser's list.

Now whenever you will try to download a file from Google chrome, you will be prompted to download it with Internet Download Manager, enjoy downloading!!

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Bikram said...

Gud post dude! I truly needed this information too. Thanks for the post.

Bijay Mishra said...

U R welcome Bikram jee

Raju said...

Thankx 4 ur valuable post. I m glad to find this. IDM ko download link pani rakhidinu bhayeko bhaye aja ramro hunthiyo.

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