Wednesday, May 19, 2010

How To Install Windows XP Using Bootable USB Drive?

Is your genuine Windows CD over-scratched or your CD-Rom take too much time for reading the disk? Here is the finest way to eliminate the use of Genuine Windows XP CD again and again by replacing the same with the USB dongle which can me made bootable and put into use for the installation of the Windows XP on your system.

1. Windows XP ISO [Pro/Home with any Service Pack].
2. WintoFlash [Freeware tool].
3. A USB Flash Drive [At least 1GB].
4. Magic ISO [Install this in your PC].

Steps To Follow:

A. Preparing Windows Files:
1. Open your Windows XP ISO with Magic ISO.

2. Extract all windows files to a new folder.

3. After Extraction

B. Preparing you Flash Drive:

C. Preparing Bootable USB:
1. Download wintoflash and Open the Main GUI.

2. Select Windows XP in the List.

3. Select your USB patch and Extracted Folder Patch.
4. Now Press Run and agree the License and agreement.

5. It will format your Flash drive Again.

6. The Tool will Copy the Files to Flash.

7. Finished.

D. Boot from USB:
1. Now restart your PC and enter your BIOS setting at Start-up.
2. Change Boot preference to USB drive [make sure you have already plugged your USB].
3. Then Restart[Save Changes in BIOS before Restart].
4. Now you will be able to Boot from your USB Drive.

Install the windows XP as you install it from your Genuine Windows XP CD without much letting your CD-Rom bear the load and wear down your CD.

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