Sunday, September 12, 2010

How To Skip The Rapidshare Download Timer ?

 RapidShare is one such highly popular reliable file hosting service, I have used it many times when ever I wanted to share files with friends. But when it comes to downloading it has some very strict rules that you cannot use download accelerators unless you have a premium paid RapidShare account, another annoying thing which comes across when you download files from RapidShare is the countdown timer. 
 If you are downloading files from and don’t have a premium account then you have to wait for some time to get the download link, it is very annoying.

Method 1:
If you want to skip the timer follow these steps:

1: Open the rapidshare file link in the browser
2: Click on Free user button, if you don’t have Rapidshare premium account. 

3: This will show you a timer as showing below.

Do you want to kill this timer? Just copy and paste following javascript code into the browser and hit the Enter.

4: It will force the timer to jump to zero and your download will be ready in a second!

Method 2:
Now you can remove the countdown timer from RapidShare by installing addon called RapidShare Download Helper for Google Chrome and Firefox, this addon will not actually remove the countdown timer but will automatically monitor the time limitations and will auto start the download once the timer is completed and download link is available.

It will perform the following two important things for your while downloading files from rapidshare, It will automate the download process for you:
  • auto-detect countdowns
  • auto-start downloads when countdowns are over
RapidShare Download Helper for Google Chrome and Firefox

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