Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How To Prevent Cyclic Redundancy Check Error in Windows ?

Cyclic redundancy check (CRC) is an error message that appears on the computer screen whenever your PC reads corrupt data. CRC, basically detects an error in the file that is being read by your PC. This error message commonly occurs when your PC attempts to read data from a damaged storage media, such as a hard drive, CD or a DVD. When data is being transferred to the PC, cyclic redundancy check ensures that data with numerous errors does not reach the specified destination. This is the reason why a corrupted CD does not get copied onto your computer.

A file that is not properly downloaded from the Web or an interrupted file transfer can also lead to CRC errors. So before you open the file, check whether it has been downloaded completely. You can use a download manager while downloading to fix cyclic redundancy check error. A download manager application keeps a track on the downloading process and informs you when it is complete. Or else, you can again attempt to download from the start and check whether it still occurs.
In case you are copying the file from your hard drive, you may have to run a scan disk program to troubleshoot errors related to the hard drive. Defective connections between the computer and the hard drive causes popping up of CRC message on the screen. For fixing CRC errors related to networking issues, you need to verify all the connections to decode the problem.
Cyclic redundancy check error can appear due to other reasons too. Although a failing drive or a damaged CD are the common culprits behind the occurrence of this error, some other unavoidable circumstances listed below may cause this problem.
  • Incomplete downloads
  • System crash
  • Buggy software (applications with plenty of bugs)
In such cases, the system may display messages like 'An invalid Windows file or an invalid win32 application'. But it is actually a CRC error.
If the problem is CD related, then cleaning it can solve the CRC error but if it the same case with most disks, then it must be your hardware issue. Another cause of the problem might be the discs that were burnt poorly (with several buffer under runs).
But if the problem is due to internal damage, then you need to download Jfile Recovery software which is the right choice to correct CRC errors. Please note that you have to have Java on your system if you want to use the Jfile recovery. Its results are immediate and free!
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