Wednesday, May 25, 2011 : A Website To Create Diagrams & Charts

If you are looking for a fast and effective way to create diagrams and have them displayed on your site or blog, then this is a new application that can certainly pass the test. Named, it runs entirely on the browser and it comes with a very intuitive interface that can be used to create BPM diagrams, UML diagrams, network diagrams, database schema diagrams, flowcharts. Virtually every kind of diagram or chart can already be created through this site.

A diagram creation tool is offered by a UK based company JGraph, which develops and supports graph visualization software and web services. A drag and drop interface is provided by to make diagrams by means of clip art and pre-drawn shapes. All diagrams can be saved to your computer in 4 formats – jpg, xml, png, or svg. is a very helpful tool for students who want to make flowcharts of a procedure or concept. Students can even create mindmaps that use images rather than only words and lines. For business purpose, you can also construct professional looking diagrams like sitemaps, organization charts, flowcharts, business processes, wireframes, etc.

How it works?
From the shapes panel, drag and drop shapes onto the canvas to begin drawing. Select shapes from different categories – general shapes (rectangle, triangles, rhombus, lines), BPMN, ClipArt, Computers (monitor, hard drive), Finance, Networking, Telecommunication or People (doctor, businessman). Now drag and drop the arrow to the node you desire to connect. Hit on ‘open document’ symbol; choose the file with your file browser. After selecting the file, press on the ‘open’ button. Then to store your files to your computer, hit ‘save’ or ‘save as’. Now prefer the format you want. You can even attach the shapes or add text to them by double clicking. One of the great features of it is that you can also save partially completed projects to a local desktop then upload and edit later.

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