Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Some Important Things Every Blogger Need To Learn

To be a professional blogger isn’t as simple as waking up one morning and stating, “I am a blogger, look out world!” Like any other discipline, being a successful blogger means that you have to take the job seriously. That means working with dedication, planning and forethought. Here are ten things that every new blogger must know:
  • Don’t check web traffic obsessively if there isn't high traffic, don’t quit.
  • When you are beginning a new blog, there is always something to do: Write an article, add a WordPress feature, or add a new blogger template, implement techniques to get more subscribers. Always. There’s always something.
  • You put your audience first and you spend more time listening than talking. Don’t get stuck with someone else’s belief about word count, frequency of posts, and editorial calendars. Work your blog based on what feels right for you and your readers.
  • A lot of people look at big blogs and think they’re the holy grail. If only you had 100 subscribers. Then, once that threshold’s been crossed, if only you had 1000. Then 10000. Note that Small is beautiful.
  • One way you can start to attract a lot more participants to your community is to put yourself out there. Be authentic. Be transparent. Put plenty of you into your work. You have to put enough of yourself into your project so people can feel a connection with a real human being.
  • The secret to blogging lies in the writing. Be conversational, say exactly what you need to say, and be done. It may be 50 words or 500. No one will care if you write in a compelling and helpful style.
  • Invite your audience to get involved by asking for their feedback, experience, or opinion. Be sure to check your comments daily and respond to everyone. After all, no one likes to be ignored. Blogs are interactive, not static. Invite the dialogue.
  • Interesting visuals, pictures, and video snippets all add to the reader’s experience.

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