Thursday, June 9, 2011

FotoFlexer : The World's Most Advanced Online Image Editor

FotoFlexer offers an online photo editing application that provides users with advanced and fun features. FotoFlexer also allows users to upload and save edited photos to major photo sharing services like Flickr, Photobucket, MySpace, and Facebook. FotoFlexer has been chosen by Google as the image editor launch partner for the OpenSocial initiative, and has teamed with Atlantic Records to help launch new artists CDs.

As of March 2008, FotoFlexer became the embedded image editor for Photobucket. FotoFlexer is also the embedded image editor for TinyPic and Piczo, as well as the developer of a number of popular Facebook applications.

FotoFlexer has launched several technology innovations. It was the first company to launch a commercial seam-carving application, which appears to “magically” remove objects from photos. The company has filed 6 provisional patents for advanced technologies.

FotoFlexer is also applying its image-processing technical expertise on some large, (though confidential) initiatives which may fundamentally change the way people and companies use photos online.

Fotoflexer is quickly giving Picnik a run for the money in features. From the basics like rotate, resize, or crop images; flip, draw, erase, and fill; to the convenient re-color hair or skin with only three clicks; and the advanced animations. Once you upload a photo to the site, you'll see a simple interface complete yet it has power like automatic exposure correction, red eye removal, resizing and cropping. The program has a wide range of effects like blurred edges, grayscale and sepia conversion, and the ability to "cartoonify" your photos. Fotoflexer even has support for layers similar to commercial programs like Adobe. FotoFlexer seamlessly integrates its services with social networking sites; photos can be edited straight from Flickr, Photobucket, Facebook, MySpace, and more.

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