Saturday, April 4, 2009

Zero-dollar bills for art, zero rupees-notes against corruption

Artists have created zero-dollar bills for artistic purposes and to get publicity. But in the East it is used for some noble cause. A local NGO, Pro Public, released a zero-rupees note in notes as a symbolic fight against corruption in Nepal. The move looks like a copy of similar act in India against corruption.

A similar release in india was carried out by Fifth Pillar India, an NGO set up to fight corruption. It had printed over 200,000 zero-denomination notes that resemble Indian currency and had distributed them around the country in the start of 2008. It was asking people to give the notes to anyone demanding a bribe

Western world has also witnessed various zero-denomination bills - many of which are created for artistic purpose or symbolic representation of financial turmoils. Brain Romero, inspired by high oil prices and a devalued dollar, has created a nice looking zero-dollar bill. Simillarily artist Laura Gilbert was featured on CNN for her “The Zero Dollar.” She passed out some 10,000 fake “zero dollars” at the New York Stock Exchange to passerby’s.

At last, let’s look at a bigger picture of the Rs1000-look-like zero-rupees Nepali note:

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