Thursday, June 18, 2009

How to Send .exe Files through Yahoo, Hotmail & Live Messangers

As Many of us knowing this Fact that Sending of “.exe” file is not supported via Yahoo, Hotmail & Live Messengers (In old versions). Any one know what is the exact reason why these messengers do not support sending .exe files?

Reason is:
As we know most of Virus files are in extension “.exe”. So that is the reason our messengers block “.exe” files. But unfortunately they block our good “.exe” files too.

So how to get rid of this?
Here we are presenting a simple trick to do send “.exe” files via Messengers. All you have to do is to Rename the extension your “.exe” file.

You can do Rename any File very Easily, Open My Computer > Tools > Folder Option > View > Hide extension for known file Types (Remove the Tick from left Side) > Apply > OK.

Now locate the File you want to Rename =>

For Example, We have Avira Software with “.exe” extension, Now Rename “avira2009.exe” by pressing F2, Rename it to “avira2009.jpg“

Now your File is ready to be send from your Messengers.

Once your friend received the file, tell him to rename the Extension, So that He/She is able to use the Software.

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