Monday, August 9, 2010

How To Access and Control your Computer by Sending a Twitter Message ?

Most time when you want to connect two personal computers you need a Server between them to get access and forward the wanted data because firewalls often block direct connections and most people don't have internet-connections with static IPs.

For example if you use Skype or another instant messenger, your client connects to a server which 'manages' all the data-transferring and tells the clients the addresses of the other computers. But why should you develop a complete-Server-Client-system just for sending a few short messages to your computer, if there are simple systems like Twitter? This service gives users a really easy and fast way of communication.

Twitter already is a stable system for which there are many libraries software-developers can easily use to connect with their programs to twitter. Another advantage of twitter is that the users can even send messages called "tweets" using your mobile phones independent from where they are! And exactly this is what we need for TweetMyPC!

TweetMyPC is a little software-application for Windows, written in VB.Net using the .Net-Framework v3.0, which allows you to control and access your computer from anywhere by simply sending a twitter-message with a special command as its content.

Many people now think why they should use TweetMyPC if there are things like Remote Desktop or vnc; but as already said before, you still need the IP-Address and often an open port for being able to use these technologies - this is not needed with TweetMyPC and it also would be more work to do.

The application “listens” intently to all of the “tweet” messages that you send out from your Twitter account. Whenever you issue a command such as Shutdown, Restart, or Logoff – the computer does exactly as it’s told.

Just install the application, go into settings and enter your Twitter credentials.

Click “Save and Close,” and you’re done! No complicated security configuration, no tweaking your router’s internet settings – just install the app, insert your Twitter credentials and you’re golden. Finally, go into your Twitter account and just issue your command.

The convenience of this restart technique are the awesome possibilities. Just imagine, now you can pull out your cellphone and text a Twitter “Restart” update to reboot your computer. Any place where you can access your Twitter account, you can issue one of these three commands to your remote computer.

Do you know of any other cool ways to remotely reboot your PC? Share your own tips in the comments section.

Download TweetMyPC

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Rabindra said...

This is creative idea ! But I think it is far useless, waste of resources and energy. Thanx for sharing anyway, good to know :)

Anonymous said...

I never guess it could happen. I definitely gonna try it. Thanks.

Bijay Mishra said...

@Rijal Jee - I Know it is useless and there are many techniques worthwhile, but this was one of the unique way so felt I should share for the readers ;)

@Milan Jee - Yeah, u can give a try!

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