Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Unable To Access Control Panel in Vista ?

This post is specially for Pralhad Jee on his request. He was facing some problem with control panel in Vista. He can't access the control panel or the System Properties window. See the Image below:

What Is The Problem ?
"When I try to open the control panel the screen flashes, the wait icon appears, and then thats it, a window pops up that is totally empty, Nothing actually opens. If I right click my computer and go to properties, the busy icon comes up for about 10 seconds, then dissappears......and no window pops up."

What May Be The Reason Behind This ?
In my view, source of this problem was because the "Software Licensing Service" was stopped. So, Ensure that the Software Licensing Service is running. If this service is not running, control panel will not load.

How To Enable Software Licensing Service ?
To re-enable it, follow these steps;
1) Click "Start".
2) Click "Run".
3) Type "services.msc" for the "Open" field.
4) Click "Ok" on the "Run" box.
5) A new window should open called "Services".
6) In the right hand pane, scroll through the list to find "Software Licensing". Right click on it's row and click "Properties" from the popup menu.
7) Under the "startup type" combo box, select "Automatic". Click the "Start" button to start this service.
8) Click "Apply" then "Ok" on this properties window.
9) Finally, close the "Services" window.

If it works go ahead and rule both for automatic run when window starts. It's a bug of some sort.

Other Solutions:

Solution no. 1:
Click Start, type GPEDIT.MSC and press ENTER
Navigate to:

Computer Configuration | Administrative Templates | System | Performance Control Panel

Double-click "Turn off access to teh performance center core section"
Set it to "Not configured"

Repeat the same here:

User Configuration | Administrative Templates | System | Performance Control Panel


Solution no. 2:
Go to Microsoft and downloaded the Vista SP1 and install it. The
problem may be resolved by installing the Vista SP1.

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