Friday, October 1, 2010

SmartClose : A Tools To Close All Running Programs In Windows And Then Restore Them Again.

Sometimes, you just have to close all currently running programs, such as before defragmenting or after installing certain software applications. You could manually exit each program one by one, or you could use SmartClose, that will automatically close every running program for you.

SmartClose is a handy tool that allows you to close all currently running programs - a task often required during software installations to minimize conflicts (or during defrag operations). This can be a tedious task when performed manually, and usually requires a restart to get all your programs back up and running. With SmartClose however, the entire process is simplified and automatic, as it stores the running program information in a system snapshot and not only closes all applications for you, but also restarts/restores them later.

The program can be customized in various aspects, and a quick wizard also allows you to exclude programs from being closed or restored. It will automatically skip applications that are required for the Windows system to run. In addition, it supports services, as well as Explorer and Internet Explorer windows and saves their current location, so they can be restored properly.

Furthermore, SmartClose can perform additional tasks, like disabling the screen saver and the Windows Task Scheduler, and saving the current state of the system, such as all running programs, to a 'system snapshot'. This snapshot can be restored again later by SmartClose, so that all the programs closed by SmartClose will be restarted.

SmartClose features two wizards: the Close Programs wizard for closing all the programs, and the Restore wizard to restore a system snapshot. Both provide an intuitive and clear interface and assist you step by step.

It's deceptively simple, but this application quickly and cleanly closes all programs, and just as easily restores them. SmartClose's five-icon interface smartly uses tooltips to quickly and adequately explain program operation. Intermediate to advanced users will install and operate the program with no further instruction.

SmartClose is a freeware application every user should keep in his or her system toolbox. It's one program you'll turn to often.

Download SmartClose from HERE

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