Saturday, July 24, 2010

SpyDLL Remover : A Tool That Remove Spywares From Windows 7

Spywares are pieces of malicious softwares or codes that try to steal your sensitive information like passwords, bank information, etc. And, we have rootkits too, they are even more serious threat, they can monitor your activities and steal the information to even bigger level.

Here, I am going to review a tool called SpyDLL Remover which is a lightweight and very well targeted DLL scanning tool which can scan for any spyware of infected code by canning the DLL (Dynamic Link Library) files running or installed on the computer. This tool is fully compatible with Windows 7 32bit and 64 bit editions.

One really nice thing about this tool is that it does not require any installation, its a simple EXE file which you can carry on Pen Drive or CD or DVD and run on any PC which you suspect is infected with some spyware / malware.

This is how the interface looks like:

The interface is simple and easy to use. Just run the tool and press “Start Scan” button on the tool, it will scan your DLL files for any malicious or suspected behavior.

It will show the results categories on a color coded scheme with different threat levels highlighted in different color.

The red ones are serious threats, the orange one are less severe and yellow one are mild. After scan is complete, you can check the information of the highlighted DLLs online and decide whether or not you want to remove the reported DLLs. It gives you options to remove the suspected / malicious DLL files.

The Process viewer tab on this tool allows you to see all the running processes and their corresponding DLL files and its details. click on the image below to see the detailed options at the bottom of this image which include : Remove DLL, Check Online, DLL Info, Process Info, Kill Process, Refresh, Export.

Another feature of this tool is the DLL tracer, this is very helpful if you want to know details of a DLL file in the extracted package of some software or otherwise. You can put the path of the DLL and SpyDLL scanner will trace the DLL and scan it.

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